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What's unique about this game?

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What's unique about this game? Empty What's unique about this game?

Post by Valdoroth on Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:01 pm

To put it simply, the most unique thing will be the skill system, but there are a few other features.

Most games have pre-set skills that various classes or weapons are limited to, and some have hundreds or thousands of combinations of these. Fiction will be taking it to a level never seen before by breaking apart your typical skills into actions, and allowing the players to create their own skills unique to their play style. Actions break down to be motions of a skill for melee, type of base skill for magic that can combine to create other effects, and types of attacks for ranged. It's difficult to simplify it in just a few words because of the complexity of it all.

Another unique system being added is a blueprint system for crafting, housing, technically skill crafting, and guild expanding. Basically all craft able items are broken into two or three parts that can be mixed up to form a complete blueprint. This allows players to have the shoulder pads on the chest section of these two different armors they loved the appearance of. Or the that one sword's blade on another sword's hilt. Housing is complicated at first, but once started is pretty simple. House size is a base blueprint with modules that can be added as the player see's fit. Maybe a player wants a metal crafting station in his house, or another player want's a cooking station, while their friend just wants to decorate the entire place like a bar.

Guilds are a large teamwork effort, both in starting them up and growing them. Players will be able to own guild houses that are limited to the various villages, towns and cities throughout the game, but through hard work they can expand it's size by purchasing upgrades, and eventually increase the size of the village or town that the guild is in up to a max size of a city.

The size of the world planned will also be a unique feature. With the newer generation of games and procedural generation, the client-side does not have to be nearly as large anymore. With modern technology we can effectively create an entire planet to scale with Earth if we wanted, but we're not quite vying for THAT large of a world, but it will not be typical with map barrier restrictions. The world will be open play, and expand for hundreds of miles in every direction. Each race of the game will have it's own capital city. Additionally there will be multiple continents that can probably be compared to in size with a quarter of the real world island of Madagascar, or 55,000 sq mi (~142,000 sq km).

There will be many other unique features as well down the road, but these mark the largest of them.

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